About BelPastry

We’ve been a leader in frozen puff pastry products for over 25 years. We’re proud to supply artisanal and industrial bakeries, retailers, catering and food service clients with a wide range of pre-proofed products. We offer everything from classic croissants, to Danishes and other pastries with sweet or savory fillings. Nothing could be easier than take and bake!

The company BelPastry

Since 1984, Gourmand has grown into a major supplier of frozen laminated dough products.


The history of Gourmand dates back to the 1980s, when Christian Moulin, having trained as caterer, opened a catering business in the town centre of Mouscron.

A unique process

Since the renewal of our activities in 2006, we’ve offered a new range of products that we’ve raised to the highest standards of tastiness, crispiness, puffiness and consistency.


Our modern, fully-automated production lines are what make BelPastry excellence possible, allowing us to maintain better consistency, greater efficiency and less waste.


Our extensive range of frozen breakfast pastries is currently sold and savoured in over 20 countries.

Research and development

But BelPastry doesn’t plan to stop there. Each day, we’re looking to improve the craftsmanship and convenience of our products.

Quality & Food Safety

While our products might be made using a large-scale production process, we at Gourmand never forget the small-scale time-honoured recipes and quality craftsmanship.

Corporate sustainability

In addition to maintaining our business activities, it’s important for us at Gourmand to maintain a policy on sustainability.


Take&Bake is more than just a slogan. It perfectly captures all that BelPastry stands for.